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One of the first agencies to offer Telehealth monitoring!

HealthFlex Telehealth is both efficient and cost-effective. It enables us to remotely monitor vital signs, alerts, medications, and the mental and physical state of our patients throughout the day.

Telehealth also offers another significant advantage: It helps reduce the social isolation that some people experience when they have a health condition. For some patients, call with a telehealth specialist can be the highlight of the day.

HealthFlex Telehealth Services

  • Face-to-face, video chat interactions with our Remote Care Coordinators (RCCs)
    Daily monitoring of:

  • Vital signs
  • Weight
  • Medical device alerts
  • Medication reminders
  • Mental and physical well-being
  • On-demand educational videos

Benefits of TeleHealth Services

  • Improves patient education, satisfaction, independence, and clinical outcomes
  • Reduces unnecessary hospital readmissions
  • Allows patients to track their health and securely share data with providers
  • Empowers patients to be actively engaged in their care plan
  • Gives patients and their doctors access to data needed to assess the effectiveness of care and make any necessary adjustments in the plan
  • Provides documentation to justify clinician visits to the home

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