Cardiac Care

Cardiac Care in the Comfort of Home

What is Cardiac Care?

Cardiac care is a part of health care that focuses on preventing, diagnosing, treating, and taking care of illnesses and conditions that affect the heart. Heart disease is a broad term for a number of different conditions, such as coronary artery disease, heart failure, arrhythmias, valve problems, and birth flaws in the heart.

At HealthFlex, our heart care services are meant to give people with these conditions complete and patient-centered care. Our skilled group of doctors, nurses, and other medical workers uses the most up-to-date methods to give the best care possible.

We focus on condition management, prevention, patient education, and lifestyle changes to improve heart health and lower the chance of future cardiac events. Our goal is to help people with heart problems deal with them well and live a full, busy life.

Keeping Your Heart as Stable and Healthy as Possible

The HealthFlex Cardiac Rehabilitation Program provides exercise and education services designed to help CHF and other cardiac patients recover from recent heart procedures or from a heart attack, bypass surgery, or valve replacement.

For each individual, we create a customized care plan while also educating patients and families about nutrition, medication use, and general lifestyle choices. The goals: help patients and their families better understand their condition and long-term treatment to empower them to help prevent hospital readmissions and exacerbations.

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Keeps You Home and Out of the Hospital

We help prevent recurrence of symptoms and rehospitalization.

Comprehensive Care

We plan and implement treatment, exercise, and education programs specifically designed to help patients with chronic heart conditions such as congestive heart failure (CHF).

Multidisciplinary Team Approach

Our specialists collaborate closely and work together with you, your family, and your caregivers to ensure your care is complete.

HealthFlex Cardiac Care Services

  • Create a plan of care with your primary doctor
  • Evaluate the safety of your home
  • Provide medication management/teaching support
  • Offer education on your condition, treatment, and self-management
  • Conduct routine weight check-ins
  • Provide nutrition consultations

Benefits of HealthFlex Cardiac Care Services

  • Decreased hospitalizations
  • Increased activity tolerance
  • Stabilized blood pressure
  • Enhanced sense of well-being
  • Better outlook on life
  • Decreased severity of symptoms

Benefits of In-Home Cardiac Care

In-home cardiac care has many benefits, including making the patient more comfortable, helping them get better faster, and letting them keep track of their health over the long run.

By getting cardiac care at home, patients can stay in a place they are used to, which can reduce the stress and worry that comes with frequent trips to the hospital.

This also gives patients more freedom because they can get care on their own time. This cuts down on travel time and makes treatment less disruptive to daily life.

In-home care can also help doctors and nurses pay more attention to each person, which can lead to more specific treatment plans that meet each person’s needs better.

Modern technology makes it possible to keep an eye on a person’s vital signs and heart rate from afar so that if medical help is needed, it can be given right away.

In-home heart care is a great way for people who can’t move around easily or who live far away from hospitals to get the treatment and care they need.

Support and Education for Patients and Families in At-Home Cardiac Care

At HealthFlex, education is a key part of the services we offer. We think that giving patients and their caregivers the right information and skills can greatly improve the quality of care and lead to better health outcomes.

Our education covers a wide range of topics, such as knowing the patient’s specific heart condition and how to treat it, recognizing early signs of complications, and making changes to your lifestyle to help your heart stay healthy.

We also teach people how to use any necessary medical tools and how to give medications and care for wounds after surgery. The mental and psychological help we give is just as important.

Dealing with a heart problem can be hard, but our team is here to help every step of the way by giving compassionate care, addressing any worries, and giving advice.

By using this method, we make sure that patients and their families feel confident, well-supported, and able to take care of their heart problems at home.

Read our satisfied patient stories

The best in-home care experience. Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. I will recommend this agency to my friends and family.


This is the first that I had your services. I have many others before, but yours are the best. The nurse took her time to help me and listen. By the time, she left I was feeling great.


I am extremely grateful for the care provided by your nurse and physical therapist. Both are caring, capable and devoted professionals. More important, they are good people. Because of these two, your company is highly recommended.


Special thanks for the excellent care I received from your physical therapist and nurse. I have been in other home health care systems and this is (by) far the best I had. Please let them know how well they are doing.


My nurse, case manager and my physical therapist were extraordinary. They were compassionate and good listeners. They should be commended for their care they provided to me and my family. The social worker was outstanding and thank you so much.


It is a great agency. Very professional and knowledgeable people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


The nurse and physical therapist I was assigned have been excellent with their communication, care, and compassion. I truly appreciate their attention to detail and their going above and beyond to meet my needs.


Care providers were professional, courteous, articulate, caring, on time. It was a pleasant experience.


They talk to me and listen. That is always great. Thank you.


Your team was wonderful and really helped me recover quickly. Everyone was wonderful, caring, and concerned.


I am satisfied with the nurses that are helping me. They are very respectful and professional. My providers helped me walk again. they gave me exercises I needed for my health.