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The best in-home care experience. Our Nurse and Physical Therapist were extremely nice and helpful. I will recommend this agency to my friends and family.

– I.K.

It is a great agency. Very professional and knowledgeable people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Anonymous

I was surprised that I received the assistance from HealthFlex that I did.

– J.W.

Thank my doctor for recommending this agency.

– J.F.

This is a Godsend agency. Keep the good work going. I like this agency.

– Anonymous

Care providers were professional, courteous, articulate, caring, on time. It was a pleasant experience.

– E.L.

They talk to me and listen. That is always great. Thank you.

– C.T.

Great agency! Thank you for all your help and care! Best agency! Very, very big help for me! Thank you!

– Anonymous

Best nursing and home health agency in the Bay Area. (Our) fourth home health agency and the very best! Thank you so much!

– E.T.M.

All the people at HealthFlex were pleasant and did their jobs professionally. To whom it may concern, I would like to thank the whole staff, nurses, and therapists, for all their professional, and thoughtful care! Sufficient to say thank you.

– G.O.

Excellent care!

– L.M.

Very good. Keep doing an excellent job. My father likes this company for the last two years. It’s good people; very good services. I really like it. My father is very happy about your services.

– S.R.

All very good. Thank you very much.

– J.C.

Excellent agency, highly recommended.

– J.C.

Thanks a lot for the excellent service, help, attention.

– Anonymous

I am satisfied with the nurses that are helping me. They are very respectful and professional. My providers helped me walk again. They gave me exercises I needed for my health.

– C.A.

This is the first time that I had your services. I have many others before, but yours are the best. She took her time to help me and listen. By the time she left, I was great. Also the nurse (was great).

– R.F.

Thank you to all the staff who came out to take care of my family member. He cannot see very well anymore. The staff was terrific.

– Anonymous

My doctor arranged this home care. It came as a surprise. I was happy. Would love more care (home). Thank you.

– B.L.

I would like to thank the entire team of HealthFlex and the care person who assisted me. They were all pleasant and helpful.

– L.S.

You were all so great. Thank you very much

– M.R.

I enjoy my times with my nurse. God richly bless her.

– P.R.

I have complex health care needs and medications ongoing. When I noted a problem with my first nurse, they quickly replaced her.

– P.D.

Your team was wonderful and really helped me recover quickly. Everyone was wonderful, caring, and concerned.

– P.D.

Our Physical Therapist and Registered Nurse were all excellent and caring. Wished these people were in Bayview and Crown Bay Nursing Homes during my stay there. When calling HealthFlex, your staff were always helpful. I would highly recommend HealthFlex. Outstanding care.

– J.S.

Every person was all very good and respectful. Thank you!

– R.E.

Everyone was very nice.

– T.S.

Thank you for taking care of me and keeping my daughter informed at my request.

– Anonymous

Very good service; very good nurses. I am very pleased.

– Anonymous

I had a very good nurse. I was taken very good care of.

– L.P.

I was very pleased with the care I received. Thank you. I do thank the ladies who have come to my home. They have been very helpful.

– J.B.

The nurses and therapists have been so kind and caring with my mom. She looks forward to their visits and is walking so much better thanks to the exercises they are doing with her!

– K.L.

Many happy Skilled Nursing and Physical Therapy patients stories

I am extremely grateful for the care provided by your Registered Nurse and Physical Therapist. Both are caring, capable and devoted professionals. More important, they are good people. Because of these two, your company is highly recommended.

– L.J.

My nurse was the best have ever had in my life. I recommend her for an achievement award! She was very knowledgeable.

– S.S.

Thank you so much for your Registered Nurse’s and Physical Therapist’s time and service.

– Anonymous

I would like to thank your clinician for the excellent physical therapy skills that are so helpful to me. Her wonderful support and care these last 2 months.

– Anonymous

I cannot recommend the Registered Nurse and Physical Therapist more highly. The PT, in particular, was both caring and imaginative. His attitude was both positive and reassuring. He’d set goals for me and set about to help me achieve them. A valuable member of your team.

– B.S.

The Physical Therapist was very professional, thorough, and encouraging.

– I.P.

Your Registered Nurse is an excellent worker, helpful and understanding. She brought by information about medicines I was taking and explained when to take the different medicines. Very good.

– J.B.

The owner and Registered Nurse were very good.

– Anonymous

Special thanks for the excellent care I received from your Physical Therapist and Nurse. I have been in other home health care systems and this is (by) far the best I had. Please let them know how well they are doing.

– T.R.

Thank you for the excellent care of your nurses.

– J.C.

Care is very good. I have seen your PTs and RNs. I have been very impressed and pleased with their care and attention Would like to continue.

– Anonymous

We would like to thank our nurse provider for all his help. He was always polite and cheerful. Always wanted us to get well again. Thank you for taking good care of us.

– Anonymous

Much appreciation and many thanks to your nurse. She is the greatest!

– J.Z.

The Registered Nurse and Physical Therapist I was assigned have been excellent with their communication, care, and compassion. I truly appreciate their attention to detail and their going above and beyond to meet my needs.

– R.F.

The Physical Therapist was very helpful. She did an excellent job.

– Anonymous

My home nurse was very sweet and pleasant and explained things very well to me.

– D.A.

Your Physical Therapist was excellent!

– L.L.

My Registered Nurse, Case Manager and Physical Therapist were extraordinary. They were compassionate and good listeners. They should be commended for the care they provided to me and my family. The social worker was outstanding and thank you so much.

– R.F.

My nurse became part of my family. I thought she did her job to the utmost, above and beyond. Especially the nurse.

– Anonymous

All A+. Excellent.

– E.L.

My Physical Therapist was exceptionally good; perfect balance between being gentle and encouraging maximum effort.

– G.T.

Very satisfied with Physical Therapy. Wish Occupational Therapist would have stayed longer.

– M.M.

Your Physical Therapist was always pleasant and helpful. She explains clearly how therapeutic exercises should be performed for the best results desired.

– D.C.

Both of your Nurses are wonderful. We hope they can continue with my mother’s care.

– Y.B.

I appreciated the concern shown by the Physical Therapist for the appropriateness of various exercises. When I experienced pain, she phoned my doctor to check that the exercises were OK, given that my hip was broken in four pieces. I had a home Physical Therapist only, and she was very good.

– R.H.

The nurses and aids are angels on Earth. Mom’s tender loving care was exceptions!

– D.C.

The HealthFlex nurses have been excellent, courteous, knowledgeable, and articulate, expressing concern in a very engaging way. My wife has been treated very well by HealthFlex personnel.

– W.F.

I would like to thank your staff for their great service that was provided to me.

– M.S.

The nurse assigned to my mother has been very thorough and very attentive, compassionate. Thank you for the Physical Therapist, too.

– A.P.

Please thank your nurse. She is a very caring and complete person. I will miss her greatly.

– H.M.

The Physical Therapist was top notch. I could have not have asked for anyone better.

– D.T.

Please thank your Physical Therapist. She is my inspiration and knowledgeable, which helps me in my recovery.

– P.H.

I would like to thank all who helped me with rehabilitation after my surgery and especially my Physical Therapist.

– G.S.

Good personality, high professionalism.

– Anonymous

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