Most frequently asked home health and hospice care questions

How are my health services covered?

Check with your medical insurance provider regarding coverage or call us today to learn more.

Does HealthFlex Home Health Services accept cash?

Yes, you can make complete or partial payments in cash.

What types of skilled nursing care or skilled therapy services will Medicare pay for?

Always check with Medicare regarding coverage in your specific case. Generally, Medicare may cover the following services delivered by trained health professionals:

  • Care by registered nurses
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Social services
  • Nutrition counseling

How long will I receive your services?

The length of service is determined by your primary doctor and your insurer. In some cases, we help patients for only a relatively short time when they need support with recovery or transition home from a care facility. In other cases, we provide relatively long-term care to help people with serious and chronic conditions.

Do I need to change my doctor?

No. We work closely with your primary doctor to ensure you receive the help you need as specified in the doctor’s care plan. Our goal is to complement, not replace, your doctor.

Who will provide and pay for the supplies I may need?

Our HealthFlex care team can help you plan, order, and learn how to use any supplies you need. Payment is determined by the type of insurance coverage you have.

Can your office be reached after hours?

Yes, a member of our staff will always be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I get advice from an on-call nurse?

Yes. If you or a family member ever has a question about your condition at a time when one of our nurses isn’t at your home delivering services, you can always get input from one of our on-call nurses.

How is my doctor involved in the treatment I receive at home?

We make sure to communicate with your doctor to inform him or her of the care you receive and any changes in your condition. If necessary, we will contact your primary doctor on your behalf to review any questions about your care. In addition, we welcome any questions, at any time, that your primary doctor or specialists may have for us. Clear, complete communication is always our goal.

Who can refer patients to your services?

We welcome self-referrals directly from patients and their families. HealthFlex also welcomes referrals from primary care doctors or specialists on your case. We welcome referrals from hospitals, care centers, and clinics. In addition, we accept referrals from insurers. HealthFlex is committed to always being accessible to all referrals, regardless of the source.


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