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We offer you access to vital records, patient charts, notes, and test results

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Patients, families, and healthcare professionals in the Bay Area and beyond trust HealthFlex to deliver excellent home care services.
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We follow evidence-based protocols and proven clinical pathways to deliver the most effective patient care and achieve positive outcomes. The following metrics demonstrate the effectiveness of our unique approach to home healthcare.

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Knowledge is power, which is why we place a strong emphasis on education. With a focus on attention to detail, our providers are great communicators, offer a full-attention approach, and give compassionate care to our patients. The likelihood of re-admission to the hospital decreases, and the likelihood of achieving independence increases. At HealthFlex, it’s people who matter most. We are here to help 24/7, so please contact us to learn more or to make a referral.

HealthFlex staff’s dedication, compassion and professionalism make them stand out among other hospice and home health companies. Their skilled nurses do a great job in administering hospice medication, educating care staff and families. We appreciate their kindness and empathy in dealing with hospice patients and genuinely taking care of end of life patients. Cannot thank them enough for the exceptional medical team. We feel fortunate to work with HealthFlex.


My first experience with HealthFlex was when they took care of my mom after surgery. The patient centered care left a big impression. A couple of years later as a Director of Case Management, I was fortunate to have HealthFlex available to provide care for patients in the SF area. No matter how difficult the case, HealthFlex has always been front and center to assist and provide exceptional patient care every time I called.


HealthFlex is a great partner to our hospital. They are always easy to reach, review and accept referrals in a timely manner, and are 100% reliable. We consistently get positive feedback from patients and our own staff. They are the go-to home health company in the Bay Area.


Our patients are very pleased with the care provided by HealthFlex. It’s always next day care with quality providers. Our team is updated with patient condition and they are always available to answer any questions we may have. We truly enjoy working with HealthFlex.


Working with HealthFlex and their staff is always such a positive experience. They treat everyone with the highest level of care and their attention to detail is like no other. We value them as a partner of our hospital.


HealthFlex is very compassionate about their patients starting with the referral process thru to end of their service! Response time is very prompt an very professional! The agency is very well respected in our community.