Fall Prevention & Safety

Making Homes Safer To Enjoy

Did you know that falls are the main reason why seniors lose their independence?

A trip or fall can hurt a senior physically, but it can also hurt them socially and emotionally.

A bad accident like this tends to have a big effect on a person’s quality of life. That’s why we have rigorous fall prevention and safety programs. When someone gets hurt from a fall, they often change their habits. They might decide to skip family events, say no to social invitations, or not leave the house at all. In the end, this kind of behavior often makes people feel depressed, sad, isolated, lonely, and anxious.

Risk Factors for a Senior Falling

Most of the time, a senior falls because of a number of risk factors. You may wonder, “What is a risk factor?” It is something that makes it more likely for an older person to fall.

Often, a home environment, a health problem, or a physical condition are linked to a risk factor. Some of these include:


Lack of assistance grab bars in the bathroom and other areas




Taking multiple medications


Poor eyesight



HealthFlex Provides
Fall Prevention Tips

In this program, prevention tips are provided at each visit and we perform in-home assessments to ensure there are no safety hazards.

At HealthFlex, with our fall prevention and safety program, we want to help seniors and their families by educating them about how to prevent falls and stay safe. With our in-home care providers, we improve our patient’s quality of life by preventing falls and making their homes safer for them to enjoy.