Home Health Services

What is Home Health Care?

Home health is a service that provides skilled care, including nursing and therapy, for your loved one in the comfort of their home. Patients receive medical care at home to treat long-term health problems or to help them get better after an illness, injury, or surgery. Some people start home health services after their health declines or after being diagnosed with a serious illness.

After being in a hospital, rehab center, or skilled nursing facility, many patients move on to receiving health services at home. The main goals are to help people recover and maintain as much independence as they can.

At HealthFlex, our Home Health professionals are compassionate, professional, and skilled in providing the best care for our patients on their road to recovery.

Our services are covered by most major health insurance plans. To find out if we work with your health plan, please contact us to learn more.

Home Health Services with HealthFlex

Your loved one deserves nothing less than the best care possible. At HealthFlex, our caring, experienced, and trustworthy care professionals offer a full range of services in the comfort and safety of your own home. HealthFlex provides high-quality care at home for adults and seniors.

Our Comprehensive Care Team

The services of a home health agency are for people who have occasional or recurring needs, such as:

Physical therapy
Speech therapy
Occupational therapy
Medical social work
Wound care
Medication management
Patient and caregiver education
Intravenous or nutrition therapy
Injections and lab testing
Monitoring serious illness and conditions

HealthFlex Makes the Best Home Health Services Match

Relationships. That’s what makes our one-on-one care so unique for our clients and so rewarding for our skilled professionals.

At HealthFlex, we take the time to learn about you, your interests, habits, preferences, and more. This helps us figure out which professional not only has the skills and experience to meet your needs but is also a good fit for you personally.

Home Health

Overall, the goal of home health care services with HealthFlex is to treat the illness or injury our patients are experiencing. Home Health Services helps our patients:

  • Get better
  • Regain their independence
  • Become as self-sufficient as possible
  • Maintain their current condition or level of function
  • Slow or stop the progression of injury or illness

To get home health care, the first step is to speak with your primary care physician and work with HealthFlex to make a detailed care plan. From there, we will schedule an appointment and come to your home to discuss your needs with you and create a plan for your recovery.

The type and number of home health visits depend on what the patient needs. Some people need care every day, while others only need a quick visit once or twice a week. All services are made to fit the needs of the patient and care covered by most major health insurance plans.

The main benefit of our home health service is that it can be given directly at the patient's home, whether it's a private home, an assisted living or residential care facility, a memory care facility, or a long-term nursing home. By going to the patient instead of sending them to the hospital or a facility, extensive medical expenses can be avoided.

Home health care can also lessen readmissions to the hospital. For example, a thorough analysis of heart failure patients revealed that those who received home visits from nurses saw fewer hospital readmissions up to six months after leaving the facility than those who did not.

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The Benefits of
Home Health Services

Family members are encouraged to be involved in the planning process to help set and reach goals and work with home health professionals for the benefit of the patient. Home health services also carry the following benefits:
  • Faster healing and getting better from illness or injury
  • Improved independence over time
  • Improved quality of life and well-being
  • Getting back to being self-sufficient at home
  • Slowing the decline of serious conditions
  • Better symptom management

Read our satisfied patient stories

The best in-home care experience. Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. I will recommend this agency to my friends and family.


This is the first that I had your services. I have many others before, but yours are the best. The nurse took her time to help me and listen. By the time, she left I was feeling great.


I am extremely grateful for the care provided by your nurse and physical therapist. Both are caring, capable and devoted professionals. More important, they are good people. Because of these two, your company is highly recommended.


Special thanks for the excellent care I received from your physical therapist and nurse. I have been in other home health care systems and this is (by) far the best I had. Please let them know how well they are doing.


My nurse, case manager and my physical therapist were extraordinary. They were compassionate and good listeners. They should be commended for their care they provided to me and my family. The social worker was outstanding and thank you so much.


It is a great agency. Very professional and knowledgeable people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


The nurse and physical therapist I was assigned have been excellent with their communication, care, and compassion. I truly appreciate their attention to detail and their going above and beyond to meet my needs.


Care providers were professional, courteous, articulate, caring, on time. It was a pleasant experience.


They talk to me and listen. That is always great. Thank you.


Your team was wonderful and really helped me recover quickly. Everyone was wonderful, caring, and concerned.


I am satisfied with the nurses that are helping me. They are very respectful and professional. My providers helped me walk again. they gave me exercises I needed for my health.